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About Tamiwise Blog

Tamiwise blog is a platform where great articles are been posted and updated on daily/weekly basis to meet our users need and problems. In essence Tamiwise blog is a blog on articles relating to the life System in Nigeria(Nigeria Life System) which includes politics, relationships, daily living and spirituality and more also what actually happens at each stage of life both in young and full grown adult life.

Why Tamiwise blog:
Nigeria Life System Aspect: We have critically done our research and see that the activities of this world has to do with the human living(Nigeria Life System) so there are certain things we should look into and bring out to the open so that we can see and feel it and actually try and erase everything that has to do with the negative part of it, definitely its purpose is for a better society, that's why we have Tamiwise Blog.

Relationship Aspect: A better relationship can bring and foster deep growth and development in general terms but we at Tamiwise want to bring out the causes and solutions to these broken relationships and how to even avoid it, strategically we are saying we would endeavor to deal with every area of relationship matters.

Motivational/Entertainment stories: The daily living of people are actually been spiced up by different methods by which motivation and entertainment is one of them. Motivation will help enlighten and encourage people to see a light to their problems and of course entertainment stories will help brighten the mind.

Tamiwise Blog came to existence in order to solve problems relating to life system and relationship matters which some of Tamiwise authors/publishers have seen to be causing troubles on our society(emotionally, politically, spiritually, and physically) and that's why Tamiwise has come to stay and give out quality information so we encourage our users to utilize this information for better.

Tamiwise Blog is owned by Franklin Nathanael as the Chief Author/Publisher while there are co-authors (Read our Contact Us Page)

From: Tamiwise Blog
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