What is the meaning of the "NA DEM" slang in Nigeria

Nigeria Association of Deceiver Empowerment Manipulators (NA DEM)

Nigeria Association of Deceiver Empowerment Manipulators (NA DEM)In Nigeria,it is an on going trend in term of speaking slang the above word and its meaning, due to the fraudulent and deceiving act of most Nigerians, this slang is used to tagged any body who carries or perform this act of deceit or fraud in most cases, take for example when i say some things like this:

"baby i will love you for the rest of my life" NA DEM
"i love you more than my mum "na dem"
" i will create a world for you that covers mine" na dem

In the above examples we should be able to discover that the word "na dem" simply connotes anything that has to do with deceit, lies, or fraud and this happens mostly in relationships

Nigeria association of deceiver empowerment manipulators is not an official or legal group in Nigeria but anybody that practices this act of deceit and vain promises mostly to have its own selfish pleasure is seen as or tagged as 'na dem'.

Nigeria is a country where alot has happened in relationships of which 70% are of the negative side so it is been believed by he people that nothing works anymore and in other to have your way is to cook up lies, dish it well and serve it to whoever that will still enjoy your food and those who fall victim of having your food end up seeing the bad side of it and they come out publicly to say you are wicked, heartless, a deceiver and the rest of it but actually in the true sense of it, those who fell for it actually love what you offered and they never care if it was a cooked up lie or not, am not talking about trust here am talking about cheap things to everything, they are always looking for cheap ways to get things done or satisfy themselves

This "NA DEM" thing is not a one sided thing as the examples we gave above centers on relationships,it also evolve around politics(politicians), making money(scam), and many other sectors of life in Nigeria, in fact i can say all sectors of life in Nigeria as long as a deceitful ways can be crafted out to achieve their evil vices.

Talking of "na dem", this attitude that has been embedded in the minds of millions of Nigerians which has affected so many areas of life most especially in business world and most especially online businesses,if you bring out a legitimate strategy on how to make money in Nigeria, they will tag you a scammer or "na dem" and if you then ask for a fee before this strategy is been taught, ooohhhh, you re one of them (na dem), so the na dem of a thing cent res on the fact that most Nigerians have lost trust issues with themselves which makes things to be going small or not working at all. right now, it is difficult to differentiate between the good eggs from the bad ones making the good ones suffer for their truthfulness and sincerity.

This deceit and fraud can be traced down to the politicians of the country to the economy of the country which is having a negative effect on the masses, but we shall not be going deep into this as this will be an article for another day. why we are here is the meaning of the context "na dem" which is "Nigeria Association of Deceivers Empowerment Manipulators" and some examples and little explanations have been given to make us understand the context very clearly.

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  1. That's right you said it well, the Nigerian system has fallen flat making it difficult to earn online, I could also remember this happened in my relationship where my partner was doubting mecdue to her previous dating experience. Nice content


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