The Decision To Try And Conquer Defeat

The Ability To Make A Positive Decision

Decision To Try The decision to try and conquer defeat is a communicable context that best explains itself when you are in a situation of trying to make a decision when your inner self is having that disturbances that all is not getting well until you make the decision to try then everything becomes well or same. Today's lesson will emphasize mainly on "Try" Try definitely mean something you have a thought of doing that is not yet done. The Decision to Try surfaces when you are in need of something or someone and it totally settles on your end. Now let's say you are in need of a job and you see job offers on media platforms, within you, you think those jobs out pass your qualification  not necessarily out passing your qualification but you consider the massive applicants towards those job offers then you begin to nurse that mind of negativity in you that you cant get the job but am saying to you now "try". Or peradventure you are in a situation where you have almost lost patience and confidence in yourself having the feeling that you might loss at the end of it all, but I tell you at this point negativity should not be an option but rather the ability, motivation , driving force and positive mindset to see the end of it is the best option.

Take as an example you are working towards a project that have cost you a lot of time and money, half way You decide to quit due to the fact that is not yielding positive results and many have said to you why not quit and try another thing or way that will be fast and profitable to you, face it, this is not the best option try and face it to the end, if actually you know what you are doing and know what you want then definitely that should serve as a driving force never to accept defeat but rather press forward against all odds.

Am going to share my personal experience to serve as a motivation to you guys positively,  taking a step towards a particular situation is great gain and in fact its even greater when you dont know what actually will come up next. Few years back I was looking for a job in a production company and the applicants to that job were more than 100 when I actually got there and I was like; how do I get this job that I need so badly then I made the decision to try, Tying in the sense that I never looked at the mass population of applicants but I has the believe if there was 5 people to be chosen I will be listed among them which served as a motivation and also considering my financial status. I went on the day of the interview after normal process of application, damn I saw the population once again then I encouraged myself to just try.

After successful interview we were told we will be contacted via Email or SMS or both, but I didn't stop there just waiting to be called because waiting to be contacted is like expecting something in few minutes whole actually it could last for months. So the previous day i went to the company saw the security personnel, explained myself to him, collected his contact details told him what am applying for a d some confidential Information. He was highly honored I could relate him a d discuss things like that with him even though he is more of a better chance than me because the situation now is that I needed him more than be needed me, but everything sent fine and normal expecting positive outcome. I was always giving him a beep to remind him of my application on the fourth day still no call, email or SMS so I decided to pay a visit to the company maybe I was missing something, but of cause when I got there I wasn't missing anything, I had an insider. I decided to see am on his duty post but he wasn't there probably not on duty that day, I never bothered to ask anyway. The next day I receive a call from him telling me he has forwarded my name to the Human Resource Manager as a trust worthy person fitted for the job and the HRM was impressed saying he was finding it difficult to locate the right applicants for the job and only 3 applicants were to be contacted.

Ohhhhh! How grateful I was and I started thanking him. The previous week I got the email and SMS I expected telling me to resume duty by 8am the next day, I jumped up for joy and the first person I contacted was the security personnel, he too was happy that the Manager actually believed in him then he told me to be of good services that I will be using his influence and reputation to work in the company (but I too wanted to create my own good reputation) he also told me to reply the email telling the company I have seen the email and grateful for been among the chosen applicants so I immediately did after hanging up the call, and the rest of the story is not too relevant but I actually did well on the job.

What am trying to bring out here is the decision to try, if could deeply look into the story you will discover I made the decision to try, I press forward, I may never have been the best applicants but the ability to press forward was my key to getting the job and also in the story you would find humility, how k was loyal and submissive to the security personnel. So in a situation like this and even harder than this the best option is to try and see what will actually come out of it rather than procrastination and having a defeated mindset when you haven't even tried.

Take that bold step, look onto your situation or that problem and face it, have that Win or Win mindset and also press forward and everything will be fine, it takes lots of patience, a patient man/woman will surely eat the most delicious meal because it went through special preparation. I have grown to that stage where I see my problems as a stepping stone to greater heights rather than seeing my problems as a means of bringing me down, in fact I see my problems as channel to greatness. So I encourage you to try and take a bolder step towards ensuring success rather than taking in defeat even without trying. 

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