Nigeria Life System: The Life of the Adult Nigeria at 20s

The Young Adult Life In Nigeria

The young adult life in NigeriaLife system of Nigerians are a little bit of a tweak that is a little bit difficult to comprehend, on a true fact the Nigerian life system is 65% difficult for the average Nigerians, 85% difficult for the Poor Nigerians and the rich ones suffer just about 30% that's to tell you the Nigerian life system affects everyone single human both indigene and non indigene, rich or poor. In this article we shall be discussing about the Nigerian life system centered on the Nigerian youth at the 20s that is from 20 - 29 years of age. Nigeria is a country that is blessed with Vital resources and on a true fact it is the only problem as pertaining to the natural resources in Nigeria is lack of proper management. An average Nigerian tends to make ends means to him and that of his family members but the situation of the country makes it difficult to feed his family come to talk of his family I mean extended family or even assisting friends.

The Nigerian life system: The 20s Adult life...

The 20s adult life in Nigeria is time period where you are expected to start getting used to life and making plans to become a man of your own, I mean a time to start building up  a career. The hassles of the Average Nigeria life could compel a teenager to focus more on illegal source of income both in school and outside school but the best time at this age is to be in school.

Who is An adult in Nigeria:

The moment you know about the good and bad of the society you will be referred to in Nigeria as an adult. You are expected to be in school at this period in order to secure a a positive career system well that is what the youths are made to believe but in the actual sense of it school is where  you should gather knowledge and understanding but not a gate pass to wealth or riches. Come to think of it, most billionaires of the world today weren't a BS.C or PhD holders in any field in other words they were actually dropouts or came from a very poor educational background.

In Nigeria the life system as at present has got people talking  if  there is hope for the youths. I was actually walking down the street some day I was caught up with some conversion among some group of youths and definitely what I was hearing from them was not a good one at all, they were all carried away with the happenings of the society and felt they been out of the right to make wealth. Knowledge is really not a thing of great importance among these youths because it has destroyed the mindset of the people, they see those who don't have any basics or even attend school becoming millionaires and those who are graduates come out of school with the hope of having a of job to be able to live their dream lives

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