Nigeria Life System: How The Young Adult of The 20s See Life

The young adult perspective towards life

How the young adult of the 20s see lifeDo you actually think everything works smoothly without taking an extra step, this happens everywhere in the world but in Nigeria it is a normal thing, you have to make an extra effort to achieve your dreams unless you bribe your way out. That is how the government have influence the people and have made the system so corrupt so it takes a determined and wise person to be able to understand the hassle of life and face it with determination

The Work of the Parents/guardian:

As a parent or guardian to the 20s this is the time you should strategically follow up your child or young adult, this is the time to advise your child because during this period so many things affect the mind of this young adult whether to go wrong or to go right and most times the young adult think of going the wrong way, you won't actually blame them for these but peer pressure and situation of the country can badly influence them and as the parent of these child you should endeavor that this child is properly followed up with the right advise. In this stage they contemplate alot.

There Is a point to prove that the young adult will never be satisfied just by providing his/her basic needs without actually satisfying his/her secondary needs. The basic needs include been able to sort out his problems with little cash, food, recharge cards, clothing's and so on and his/her which the parent is likely to do for him and the secondary needs include the trying to please his friends, having his own apartment, taking care of a girl he loves and so on, that actually are his secondary needs and most times these  are actually what brings him down because the moment he tries to feel different from others due to lack of finance, the  problem starts coming in.....let's look at this, secondary needs are actually getting up with life, settling down financially and eventually getting married.

 Relationship affairs:

As this young adult grows, they tend to get  acquainted with the issue of life as relates to dating with the opposite adult gene, this is the time he/she begins to have that urge to become a girl chaser and the female begin to have the urge to have boyfriends. It is this time a costly mistake can be made by the girl adults which is unwanted pregnancy and the male begin to indulge themselves with drugs, alcohol, rape and evil is only a strong positive life perceptions and good quality background that could actually make this young adult scale through life successfully.

In this period they never really rely on advise concerning relationship but want to follow what they feel is right through their emotions and what they believe in but on a serious note they usually go the wrong way. Let me tell you something if at this stage of life you begin to annul everything they do or intend doing they will likely not come to you for help,they begin to think you do not like them or support them and they rely on those who support them be it a good or bad advise they don't really care.

The street life: the street life is a life that has to do with anything that the street people do. Street life in Nigeria equally mean the thug life, what we refer to as the nuisance lifestyle, the young adult......

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