Relationship: Your First Date Do's and Dont's

What You Must Take Note Before Your First Date

Things you must take note before your first dateFirst date are actually a must for every relationship, you could actually not begin a true relationship without meeting your partner, someone might try to quote me wrong here by saying what about the online dating where actually you don't me the person before you commence relationship but yes,you could begin a relationship without meeting your partner personally, if after some months of relationship you decide to meet your meet your so-called partner, that first meeting is called your first date. And these kind of relationships do some times fail to continue after the meeting because each partner may have that negative thoughts that their online partner are really not what they suppose they are and so after the first date they take the relationship for granted.

Someone once told me that he has been having the urge to date a girl that will satisfy him in bed and if he gets that kind of girl, he had gotten everything to himself, then I sat him down to tutor him about certain qualities a man needs from a woman other than just having his way through her, I mention certain qualities to him at first he seem to concur but later he said that any girl he is able to go down with on the first date and the girl was able to satisfy him then that will be the girl he will marry......Then I took it from there I began to enlighten him about life and relationships telling him that the end product of these mindset is always a negative one first after laying with such lady for some days or weeks you tend to look down at her qualities because you have satisfied your sexual urge a except this lady has significant qualities that you are able to recognized the value of it. If not t will definitely affect you relationship and marital life.

So many people get carried away by their first date and that's because most people create false impression so they try to make everything look rosy, yea first date are meant to be romantic, enjoyable, exciting and the rest of it but totally depending your mind and heart on it as if everything was gonna be like that everyday of your lives is really a bad impression to start with. Just be yourself and expect the best and worst of it because a little mistake by any of the partner could actually ruin the moment, like I said earlier you have to watch your words and actions carefully. Now,let me enlighten you pretty much about the word s****x. Yes this is very important points to note because when this is done it could actually decide two things, if the relationship should continue or the relationship should be thrown away like a refuse dump.

Most times people are mostly carried away by their first date most especially on the side of the female it can be very disastrous, you can be unlucky enough to meet the wrong guy who actually takes you for one crappy get down girl, prepares a hotel room where you guys will spend the night together but as a girl who is to keep her dignity and gain respect, should you have s***x with a guy whom you just met on the first date without any form of formal introduction or getting to know each other , well that will be a very costly mistake to make at that time and trust me you won't like it afterwards.

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