Nigeria Life System: The Thinking Mind of the Adult Nigerian at 20s

The Mentality of the Young Adult

The thinking ability of the youthsThe Adults think making it in life doesn't depend on schooling but struggling to make ends means, they have been made to believe that struggling is the order of the day in the society. Nigeria 20s adult believe so much in creativity and entertainment and that's why most of them venture into music at the early stage claiming to be musicians or upcoming artiste. The system have made them to become lazy but not necessary lazy in terms of not willing to work but lazy in the aspect of thinking profits do not really come from what they are meant to do and they decide not to do it at all.

The thinking Ability: The adult of the 20s are very sound in thoughts and abilities and they do everything to make sure things go well, they can device so many routes and ways to ensure things come out positive. Let me tell you something about their thinking ability, they are very sound at studying their environment,  and what people do and they try to do it smarter.

The system in Nigeria is so poor and do not give the average Nigerians or the youths man opportunity to become what they really want to do. They can have the thoughts of becoming the best of everything that is happening in the world but the situation of the country limits this potential abilities and that is why they look for illegal means to make it in life.

Their mindset: The mindset of the youth are very rare to illegal device, at the initial stage they want to become the best and get to the top, they want to also please their parents by becoming what they chose to become in life and rightly approved to it. ..they work tireless to achieve their dreams and and along the line they begin to have the thoughts of making money fast and these are due to several reasons like peer group influence, celebrities stunts and over a hyping of their daily activities, social media post and so many factors.

Come to think of this, a mis management of these factors could lead to the downturn of the facet that the youths of the country are not willing to make a mark for themselves in the society but a proper management of it leads to more motivating factor for them to explore their abilities and become a better person to themselves and society. At the mid 20s the spirit of frustration tend to start flowing in most especially for those who are yet to achieve their dreams, they become to think of diversion of career.

A youth once said to me that he has dreams of inventing something that will make the world recognize him for his works but what actually are his thoughts and ambitions, he said he has this desires to invent something that solve will people problems, he also said few things are limiting his goals and ambitions which is lack of finance and support that if actually he could have the opportunity then he is could to go. Actually I saw his plan in writing and it was actually something to invest in but who would want to invest in such, the government of the country do not create a platform for these type of people.


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  1. Nice article, I think you really hit the point here, have been following it from the last article. The Nigeria system needs great change


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