Nigeria Life System: The Kind Of Life The Young Adults of 20s Are Mostly Faced With

The Struggle of the Young Adult: Which Path To Choose

Violence of the Nigerian youthThe young adult is faced with two ways in Nigeria but I think that's common all over the world, one is the street life(thug life) and the other is the responsible life. What is considered a responsible life is a life free from evil vices at least the bigger ones. As the young adult grows up he begins to find himself making two decisions either to choose the life that will be pleasing to his parents and family or the life that will be pleasing to him/her. Some are in decisive, they are neither doing street or living the responsible life, those at the kind that wants to still keep up the good name but  pressure from peers, society and nature of life circumstances within them tries to oust them in doing the street life but I can tell you in Nigeria at about 55% young adults do the street life, 30% are responsible while 15% are inconclusive, watch your child closely.

If 55% do the street life, let's talk about the street life. The young adults and the street life:

As a child grows he/she begins to study its environment, the good and the bad... The moment he starts displaying attitudes of which normally he doesn't do then he has chosen to go the street life. The child will likely not have the full confidence to display certain characters because he feels he is still under some super strong authority that could correct him when wrong so he waits when he is full of age and matured enough to decide on his own that is the young adult life.

The evil vices mostly perpetrated by the street people are smoking, alcoholism, womanizing, clubbing, raping, pick pockets, robbery, scamming/fraud, brutal-ism, lies, cheating, gang beating, cultism, and so many. The smoking and alcoholism are the first stage. The young adult believe this is the best enjoyment to life and no one should deprive them of that but in actual sense it leads to destruction and regrets. The moment you start any of these habits you find it difficult to abstain your self from it especially cultism and alcoholism.

The street life in Nigeria is not a good thing because the victims usually end up in jail, death, or life regrets making it difficult to start life all over at lease for those who life has been fair to them by sparing their lives and these youths are mostly used by politicians to achieve their goals. There is usually what we term "agbero" in Nigeria mostly in Lagos which is gradually extending to to other states in the country, they are usually the set of people to first exhibit this thug lifestyle before the others begin to exhibit such characters and these people are really given respect in the country because no one wants to cross their path and whoever does must really have a strong background.

The youths adapt quickly to bad things than good things that's why what they see on the streets are easily practiced by them. They become political thugs because of the money they will be promised by the so called politicians to be on their side to successfully carry out their plans. The reality of it all is the ,"get rich quick scheme:" which has eaten deep into the minds of this youth and they think less to struggle in what they want in a genuine way rather going for the easy way which actually is profitable at first and dangerous at the later end.

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