Relationship: The Perception About First Date

The Theory about first date

The Perception of datingDating can be referred to be see as an avenue where people who have feelings for each other meet. At least that's the perception about it. So, let's talk more about it and see what the writer is trying to say.

As a woman, the ultimate goal of a relationship is marriage(perception). I believe that human beings by nature and design are meant to have strong, lasting bonds, which in modern times equates to marriage in the context of romantic relationships.

Commitment is essential to any relationship, but especially so in romantic ones. It is what allows a relationship to survive and thrive any obstacle thrown their way, as long as both parties are actively contributing and nourishing the relationship. Commitment in marriage is vastly different then in any other relationship, because unlike friendships, marriage is for the rest of your life.

According to Auriane Ryf:

I don’t believe in entering a relationship where there is no intention of commitment or of a future together. If you can’t see yourself potentially spending the rest of your life with that person, there is no need to be with them. In my opinion, it is safer and better for a woman to seek a life partner rather than a casual partner. When you have casual partners, it is bad for you physically, spiritually, and psychologically. You put yourself at risk of being victimized, you risk your health, and your happiness. When you seek a life partner, your first that you will spend the rest of your life with, you are less at risk for abuse, disease, and misery.

Another  purpose of dating is to figure out who you want to commit to. You can't know a person well enough just by looking at them to decide, "Hey, I'd like to hitch the rest of my life, both successes and failures, to this person's successes and failures." So you date, get to know a person, uncover weird little quirks and oddities and decide whether or not those are things you want to live with.

In conclusion, the perception about dating is the way we look at it, what we put in and what comes out. So many people have a concept that dating is something that gets you connected to others both physically and emotionally. Dating is a good thing and should be so much cherished. We shouldn't have a negative attitude and mindset about dating and definitely not a 100% score to meeting someone for the first time.

In essence of it all, what the writer is trying to say that first date is a very pleasant even that occur in everyone's life especially the teenagers but how do you take hold of it  is what the writer is trying to say

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