Relationship: The First Date Syndrome

What You Need To Know About Your First Date As A Young Adult

First date syndromeThe first date is special meeting on the first day....yea let's hit the road..  You come across a guy/girl on the first day, you begin to have this urge of letting yourself known to him/her probably keeping your self acquitted with his/her presence then boom straight away you begin to do things to get yourself known to him/her. Let's say finally you get yourself known in one way or the other and you decide to go on a first date(meaning). At first you think you might not be good with him or her and you decide to keep yourself off certain things to please your partner. Some actually want their first date(perception) to be special so they dream of the most perfect person to go on a date with.

As a teenager you dream of a person who would be a caring, outspoken, and resourceful type, a gentleman or a well cultured lady, a classic man/lady with a lot of charisma, funny to be  with good smiles, attractive and the rest of its kind but actually what measures have you put in place to have such a romantic atmosphere....ooops, nothing!!! You mean nothing and you want all these things to come your way! my dear you need to work real good to make this a reality. Good things don't come easily, a cheap commodity will only attract cheap patronizers.  Get that!

Everyone will likely wants his or her first date to be romantic and special; worthy to remember, but there are certain characters you should and shouldn't exhibit to make it a worthy one, I mean good quality sexy characters, like how you present yourself, what kind of meal you order, how you speak. Your smiles, the way you dress and the words you speak. As a guy most ladies do not like to be asked certain questions it will actually pull them off their feet and make them look uncomfortable and stupid and as a girl, certain questions you will ask the guy he will actually think your are been to nosy in his affairs he rightly do not want to disclose on his first date.

On your first date you must be prepared to face certain things probably you'd  done before and also be able to resist things you out-rightly do not want to do yet until you are in the right time to do so. Your first date has a lot to do with your relationship afterward it could eventually lead to marriage that is why you should mind the words you speak, your story life, your experience, your bad and good should be genuine if by unexpected circumstances you decide to keep the relationship. What you portray will actually speak for you afterward. Some may say "I wouldn't want my partner to know all about me on the first date" I equally recommend this because most times the people you meet on a first date are not totally to good guy , some may actually be the one to play around with your lives and keep you off balance so you should be careful on this.

When you actually come to your senses that most questions your first date partner ask are too deep for you to respond you could actually cut them off and give excuses why you can't answer his/her question and you should be polite about this and not that awkward manner that could actually create a bad impression.

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  1. We most times get carried away by first date because of the false Impression..... Nice write up


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